Celebrate Father’s Day with a friendly competition in our ‘King of the Court’ event. Join us for a delightful morning of friendly competition, where dads/grandfathers/father figures and their partner (child/grandchild 12yo+, spouse, or friend) create unforgettable memories together on the court. Treat the special Dad or father figure in your life to a day filled with laughter, love, and the joy of pickleball. Let’s crown our King and make this a Father’s Day to remember!

Combo rating 6.0-7.0: Dads/grandfathers/father figures can partner up with anyone as long as your combined rating doesn’t exceed 7.0 (i.e, a 4.0 can play with anyone up to 3.0, a 3.5 can play with anyone up to 3.5). This is perfect for players who have been trying to get their dads, spouse, or teen to play. The only prerequisite is there is one Dad/grandfather/father figure on a team. 

$75 Non-members | $60 Members PER team

Registration opens 5/20 for members & 5/25 for non-members.
Registrant will need to enter their partner as a guest. Partner/guest can be added at a later time. 

The dad on the team with the most points is crowned Father’s Day 2024 King of the Court and receive a prize! 
Every dad receives a gift bag.

Format: Doubles King of the Court Up & Down the River – 21pt rally points scoring (every point counts regardless of the server), win by 1.
Final, regular scoring to 11 win by 2.