Join our exciting Skills of the Week series and focus on perfecting one essential skill each week. Perfect for the player aiming to refine your technique, our structured drills are designed to boost your confidence and performance on the court. Our experienced instructors provide personalized feedback to help you improve quickly.

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Week 1: Dinks and Dink Volleys
Practice all your dinks including cross-court, topspin, backspin, as well as 3rd shot drops

Week 2: Aggresive Shots from NVZ Line
Maintain pressure on your opponent by strengthening your offensive shots at the net with strong overheads, punch volleys, and angled shots

Week 3: Lobs and Lob Defense
Broaden your repertoire by adding this underutilized offensive weapon and strengthen your defensive skills to effectively counter opponents’ lobs 

Week 4: Transition Zone/Reset
Unlock the strategic potential of the transition zone and the reset shot with our comprehensive class focused on mastering play in this critical area of the court

Week 5: Incorporate Spin Into All Your Shots
Enhance all your shots by generating topspin and backspin while maintaining control and accuracy

Week 6: Special Shots and Advanced Doubles Strategies
Put it all together with strategic drills and simulated game scenarios to apply your new skills.

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